I’m puttin’ on my top hat

Chaplin, Charlie (Monsieur Verdoux)_04


    • Hoving, how nautical. I plan on hoving in the New Year like the great Marie Dressler. I think I shall dedicate a day to her in 2014 — she was marvelous! Thank you for bringing her to mind 😉 .

  1. theartisticpackrat

    While Chaplin does look nice in this, it’s from one of the few Chaplin films I have very little interest in seeing. I will one of these days, but a dark comedy about a guy killing his wives for the insurance money isn’t my cup of tea.

      • theartisticpackrat

        I may be getting the plot a bit mixed-up, but that’s the gist of it. Let me double check. *Away to Wikipedia for a few minutes* I did forget one plot detail. He was getting the money, from the deaths of the wealth women he was marrying, for his family after being laid off. He’s the plot synopsis from Wikipedia: “Though loyal and competent, bank teller Henri Verdoux has been laid off after thirty years’ service. To support his wife and child (whom he truly loves) he marries and murders a series of wealthy widows.” It was also inspired by real life serial killer Henri Désiré Landru and the original idea for the story came from Orson Welles.

        So, yeah, an odd choice for Chaplin, one that didn’t go over terrible well at the time, I might add.

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