If more politicians knew poetry, and more poets knew politics, I am convinced the world would be a little better place in which to live. JFK



  1. Dearest V
    If everyone new more poetry and took even a tiny bit of interest in practical politics I’m convinced the world would be a better place.
    Now I’m off to read some Wallace Stevens.
    Happy Presidents’ Day.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Love Stevens!

    Of Mere Being

    The palm at the end of the mind,
    Beyond the last thought, rises
    In the bronze distance.

    A gold-feathered bird
    Sings in the palm, without human meaning,
    Without human feeling, a foreign song.

    You know then that it is not the reason
    That makes us happy or unhappy.
    The bird sings. Its feathers shine.

    The palm stands on the edge of space.
    The wind moves slowly in the branches.
    The bird’s fire-fangled feathers dangle down.

    ~Wallace Stevens, 1954~

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