Lost in Arles or lounging with Goldens, this is how it should be when reading: “It’s In His Kiss” by Vickie Lester

I think we’ve talked before about how the Internet can be a glowing place full of friendship, creative frisson, a community. It was a pleasure to hear from Heather; actress, photographer, writer, now in Arles with her beloved—and two very happy Retrievers.

Heather and her Goldens, photography by Remi Benali
Heather and her Goldens, photography by Remi Benali


…I had no idea what I was in for when the novel arrived and I could finally read all of it. I am warning you now (and I see by a review at Amazon that I am not the only one), as cliché as it sounds you. will. not. be. able. to. put. it. down. Until you are neatly dropped down on the other side, breathless and blinking…

I understand more clearly “Ms. Lester’s” use of a fake name after having tasted each morsel of this dark but deeply romantic mystery, as some of the details are frankly too fantastic not to be true. And those of us who read her blog understand complicitly that this is a woman who knows of what she speaks from the source. Not to mention her skewering a certain “Clientology”? Scandalous. While I am no gossip in life, a little fictional swimming in that steamy pond never hurt anyone and half of the fun in reading the novel lies in discerning the “who is who” of the character’s real life counterparts. And the other half? In trying – and failing – to see where the story is going to take you next. 



Lost in Arles: “It’s In His Kiss” by Vickie Lester.


  1. Thank you for the link, beautiful o’talented one, I was happy to write about your truly fantastic…wait a minute! Hey you! Yes, you in the backrow…don’t think I don’t see you! What? You haven’t bought “It’s in His Kiss” yet?? No wonder you look so shame-faced. What on Earth is wrong with you?? Get on the bandwagon pronto or I am going to have to personally escort you outta here… 😉

  2. Beautiful words from you, a lovely appreciation of It’s In His Kiss from Lady Heather, and a simply gorgeous cozy portrait. Wonderful!

    • Loving the reviews! Do you want to know what’s on my mind right now (7:44 am in the US)? Some of that apple feijoa crumble you were talking about to go with my coffee…

      • LOL….and I have just made another feijoa and apple crumble. It was probably hot out of the oven at the very moment you were expressing your wish for a dish of it.

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