1. My mother scoped out my husband approximately 8 years before we ever had a date. She suggested I spend some time with him and I laughed at her. She asked us to stand next to each other so she could take a photo “for posterity”. I laughed. 8 years later … KAPOWIE! The 11th of this month is the 15 year anniversary of that first date. It actually never ended… we’re still on it! Good call, Mom.

    • What’s amazing is that nobody did pass out from the heat! We were working on a low budget movie…long hours but we were young… What I remember most about it was the leading actor had his hair dyed blonde for the role and was prohibited from swimming in pool at night when we weren’t shooting. Every morning he would turn up with green hair because he did. The number of times it was bleached it’s a wonder his hair didn’t fall out.

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