Grauman’s Chinese Theater

The iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theater, designed by Raymond A. Kennedy of the architectural firm also responsible for the Egyptian,  Meyer and Holler.

Douglas Fairbanks was a part owner:

Along with Sid Grauman, Mary Pickford, and Howard Schenck:

Jean Klossner, also know as “Mr. Footprint” came up with the concrete formula for the forecourt and presided over the stars impressions from 1927 to 1957:


  1. Interesting how the strung lights and road traffic in the next to last photo suggest a long Chinese parade-dragon ending at the theater. Serendipity or design, I wonder. I’ll bet on the latter. Alas, the modern business sensibility has ruined this like so many other landmarks. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  2. Ah yes Grauman’s…so many memories, Lucy and Ethel stealing John Wayne’s hand and foot prints. Me at 19 discovering that my hands fit perfectly into Clark Gable’s prints. Causing a 5 car rear-end collision on the Hollywood freeway on my way to Grauman’s to see ….Ugh…. “Hello Dolly”. The thirll I got first time at 11 years old when I saw Elizabeth Taylor’s signature in cement and realizing that my autographed photo she had sent me was authentic! Seeing the sunlight reflect off of the gold dust on Marilyn’s slab and so many more memories. To me no matter what they rename it, it will always and only be Grauman’s Chinese Theater.


  4. beautycalyptique

    Magical: The silver screen icon.
    These days, I prefer to watch movies at home: no casual fugly dresscode; no sticky floors; no constant munching of popcorn and cheese tacos; nobody texting or chatting and bathroom breaks as many as I like! 😉

    • @beautycalyptique: I’m with you on the home viewing, sticky floors, bathroom breaks and texting… but there’s ALWAYS popcorn being munched when I watch a movie! Happily, it’s my popcorn, made my way (with salt, garlic powder, grated parmesan cheese – then shaken, not stirred), and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg! 😎

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