Wallace Neff designed a house for Italian Soprano, Amelita Galli-Curci

ext. 1939.

1939 courtyard.

Neff 1939 Amelita Galli Curci


  1. George Kaplan

    Gorgeous. Funnily enough that looks just like one of my outbuildings. Who’dathunkit?!
    Second image is esp. Splendid. Darn, even the tags on this post are evocative 😉

    • With the sun burning through the clouds, and the fragrance all around, and that slight tangy twist of chlorine coming off the pool…

      I’m right there with you 😉

      Now, we just need to get the sun to cooperate.

    • And I’ll be the one in the HUGE floppy straw hat to keep the sun off my delicate hide. The truth is I do wear a lot of hats, and the reason is I know about the destructive force of the sun and I can’t stand wearing sunscreen. Now, if you could formulate one that was scented with green tea and jasmine, that would be another story.

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