“Hollywood is a place where some people lie on the beach and look up at the stars, whereas other people lie on the stars and look down at the beach.” Noel Coward


  1. Dearest V
    Some say that Coward was nothing a more than a less courageous re-working of Wilde. Something given substance by this quote I guess. But for me there was something more, not only in the daring works ‘The Vortex’, ‘Design for Living’ but actually in his way of living which was remarkably open and un-self-hating for the times.
    He was quite a way ahead of his times methinks.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • I’ve heard Kenneth Tynan’s quote about the “congenital bachelor” but I always thought it should have read, “congenial” – most congenial! He wrote one of my favorite short stories of all time… “What Mad Pursuit?” Have you read it?

  2. George Kaplan

    How terribly saucy of Noel, I do approve!
    It is worth noting however that Coward was not always so “congenial” as a person, it doesn’t reflect on the work but it’s worth bearing in mind.

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