Would I lie to you about Hollywood? Well, I’d certainly fictionalize things… Click on any picture to read all about it


As you know, I’ve been in Palm Springs. Which I have a kind of atavistic love for… The architecture and the terrain:

photo 1 copyThe coupling of cacti and swimming pools…

photo(5)What I forgot about the desert was the wind. The wind that kicks up out of nowhere, throwing palm fronds to the ground, and dust high into the air…and sends the likes of me racing inside.

The Mister said I haven’t moved that fast since last I sighted a chocolate croissant.


  1. Heather in Arles

    Eh oui ma belle, it’s called…”nature.” 😉
    Now I am doubly interested to get you over here to yee olde France…our bakery across the street makes the best croissants (and my favorite, almond croissants and even sometimes, almond chocolate croissants) in town…

    • Nnn-aaa-ture??? Is that like a chocolate ganache? Sounds lovely! (The Mister also is fond of saying I will only go hiking if there is a candy bar involved in the trek…which happens to be true.)
      Okay, I am definitely coming to visit you, but I will have to fast first 😉 .

  2. George Kaplan

    Is the answer “Yes”? Do I get a candy bar? Or, is it a trick question?! 🙂
    Boy howdy, you look cute in that picture! It kinda gives the lie to Kodachrome’s “Everything looks worse in black and white”! You look great in monochrome and color! Shucks!
    I now have an image of you hiking and the Mister dangling a Baby Ruth or Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut over your head on a fishing line. 😉

  3. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut… Did you say anything else? I must re-read, oh! I see you did! Baby Ruth!
    Seriously, The Mister puts candy bars in his backpack, it’s the only way I’ll go.

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