In memory of — The Inestimable Paul Newman — who was also a decorated WW2 soldier

Here’s the deal, I only saw Mr. Newman on film sets and in elevators. He was about the same age as my dad, quite a bit younger than my uncle – so, as a kid I just categorized him as “old.” My dad, well, I don’t suppose there was a time he could be considered hip, my uncle… maybe a long time ago. However, Paul Newman, even to a child was the epitome of cool. And, beyond cool, he was NICE.

Obviously I never saw him in this incarnation, but I present Paul Newman, and the roots of hip:



  1. Years ago I remember reading a serious interview in which the fawning interviewer asked him how he kept his face so perfect, exactly the kind of question that drove him nuts. As I recall, he invented this elaborate morning ablution involving ice cubes and finger massage and the interviewer bought it hook, line and sinker. Loved this guy.

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  3. Running shoes have a place in running not surprisingly.Personally I dislike much of the sports clothes,trainers etc for people who would probably have a heart attack pulling the ring on a can of Coke.As for sports clothes marked with conspicuous brands,slogans etc.Why not save time and just have one that says-I am very,very stupid.Well perhaps I am over reacting but perhaps……….

  4. He really was the epitome of cool. The first home that I purchased was owned by a gentleman who co-owned a racing team with Mr. Newman. This gentleman regaled my then husband and I with stories of Mr. Newman’s many stays in the home and all the great times they had enjoyed there. Not sure if that’s what sealed the deal, but we did buy the house and I can’t say I never thought about the fact that Mr. Cool himself had showered in my very shower.
    And I had better stop now 🙂

  5. Heather in Arles

    A handsome devil, a loving husband, a consommate professional, a good guy AND someone who helped an enormous amount of people through charity.
    Yep, there was only one.

  6. Brilliant, innovative, important actor, up there with Brando and a tiny handful of genuine greats. total hipster, superb human being, modest, funny, clever and compassionate. Fantastic professional-status racing driver, (didn’t he place second in le Mans once, that’s unreal) Did a huge amount for charity all over the world, not least in my country Ireland, where he bought and restored a castle then used it to provide care for disadvantaged and disabled children from poor families. Top, top guy. Legend.

    (Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a fan.)


    the bit about him being nice… such stories always make me believe more in more into:
    “those who mind, don’t matter; those who matter, don’t mind.”

    thank you for this soul holiday with impressions of the “real”, old hollywood glamour 🙂

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