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September 1, 2015 /

Constance Bennett had a house at 280 N. Carolwood Drive. It was designed by architect J.E. Dolena and built in 1937, for $37,000 — and it had a palatial twenty rooms. Interior of the Bennett residence: – – – This is the bedroom featured above:

September 1, 2015 /
May 25, 2015 /
November 20, 2013 /

Check in later today to see what Miss Charisse had to say about dancing with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire…

July 2, 2013 /

…to study fashion design with his icons. ROCK ON

May 3, 2013 /
March 21, 2013 /

Two weeks ago, Saturday, the Kid assisted Dai Le at an event at Siren Studios in Hollywood. (Remember the picture of yours truly on a rooftop, and the post, of all things – grousing about my hair?) Since then this talented young man has been highlighted in Apparel News and…

March 12, 2013 /
January 8, 2013 /

Auntie Mame Counts No Calories. –

September 14, 2012 /

I don’t want to post pictures of the exterior because it’s been modified, and quelle surprise, I don’t like it. But, this living room with furniture designed by the architect and lake views is fabulous.