Vickie Lester visits Beacon Hill, and recalls the wise words of Dr. Jaquith

Dr. Jaquith:

You know, there’s nothing like these old Boston homes anywhere. Here on Marlborough Street or Beacon Hill, you see them standing in a row like bastions: firm, proud, resisting the new. Houses turned in upon themselves, hugging their pride.

Charlotte Vale:

[pointedly] Introverted, doctor?

Dr. Jaquith:

Well, I wouldn’t know about that. I don’t put much faith in scientific terms. I leave that to the fakers and the writers of books.

beacon hill“Now, Voyager” starring Bette Davis as a spinster aunt, Charlotte Vale, who blossoms into — why, come to think of it — blossoms into Bette Davis at her Hollywood peak.

Whatever did Dr. Jaquith mean about the writers of books?

I’ll leave you with that thought, kittens.

Love, Auntie V.

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