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November 29, 2015 /
November 1, 2015 /

Having coffee with my darling, pictured here about a month ago at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He was particularly interested in conservation techniques. However, when I mentioned something along those lines about my jawline (conservation, er-um, a cosmetic procedure) he bristled. We bandied for a few moments…

September 5, 2015 /
September 2, 2015 /

Spent the early evening in a lock-and-key garden in Boston on this 90ΒΊ day. It was dappled and green β€” quite warm β€” and I read as four little blonde haired girls played and darted around. It was funny to hear the taller ones tell the smaller ones, “This isn’t…

August 25, 2015 /
June 13, 2013 /