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January 15, 2021 /

Honey, you’re looking great. What an ordeal this has been. Four years culminating in… Hold on. We’ve made it this far. Let’s step into the light. In a few short days things will start to change. My aim in podcasting my novel has been to entertain until that change comes.…

December 19, 2020 /
November 26, 2020 /

Listen my angels, it’s been a hell of a year. On this Thanksgiving I wish you happiness and peace and hope. And most of all — I wish you love.  

December 31, 2017 /

  It seems we must be reawakened to the challenges of living civilly. The 1920s, when this picture of Myrna Loy was taken, was a time similar in many ways to our own. It was an era of startling innovation, ushering in the dawn of a youth culture dubbed The…

August 30, 2017 /
January 30, 2015 /

Hello angelic ones, Pictured above is Myrna Loy, glamorous? Undoubtedly. Comfortable? Well let’s see, her eyes are taped, she has a twenty pound headdress on, she probably spent four hours in makeup, and that heavily brocaded and sparkling gown looks – itchy. So, in answer to my own question –…

July 6, 2013 /

NORA: How do you feel? NICK: Terrible. I must have gone to bed sober.