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December 4, 2015 /

Which is kind of hard considering the carnage in California, while Republicans are playing devil’s advocate (that’s a charitable term for their noxious actions in the Senate) as the planet simmers, in many more ways than one. So, by tomorrow it’ll back to normal at Beguiling.

November 29, 2015 /
November 29, 2015 /

* Claudette Colbert (1948) Sun Valley – photographed by Earl Theisen. Getty Images * click on the red letters * Earl Theisen, my dad: Daughter finds negatives of Marilyn, more. *

November 22, 2015 /

  Marlene Dietrich’s Zabaglione “Mix three yolks of eggs with three tablespoons of sugar until the mixture is creamy and whitish. Then add a bit more than half a cup of Marsala wine. Mix. In a double boiler beat the mixture with an eggbeater till it rises. Do not boil…

January 4, 2015 /

My experience of the year just past as it unfolded, immortalized by three familiar faces: Contemplative…Wry…What the hell? Okay I’ll tell you — when you get to be my age and are presented with a Christmas cloche that comes to a perfect pixie peak — you just slap it on…

December 25, 2014 /

Hello, angels. That’s a Christmas table, almost set for 15, and to the right we have Verushka, photographed by Bert Stern in 1967. As I type I am perched on the couch by Mister Lester. Presents have been wrapped, delicacies prepared, and a particular calm has fallen, when you know…

December 24, 2014 /