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October 27, 2015 /

Not a very good movie, one immortal line, “Mmm, that dirty, double-crossin’ rat!” However, the art work for this lobby card is worth taking a look at: And, as mentioned by Mr. Kaplan in the comments, perhaps acting in pre-code Hollywood required a bit of legwork as well.

July 23, 2015 /
January 28, 2014 /
November 16, 2012 /

Lobby card: In an era of breadlines, Depression, and wars, I tried to help people get away from all the misery; to turn their minds to something else. I wanted to make people happy, if only for an hour.   Busby Berkeley

November 16, 2012 /

“Waltz of the Shadows”: Recognize the set?

November 16, 2012 /

Blah blah blah a book by it’s cover… This one is fascinating, and I happen to love the cover – Mr. Berkeley (who staged and choreographed “Gold Diggers of 1933”) on the set before the earthquake hit (one of the drawbacks of life in LA). To find out what happened…

October 25, 2012 /

Starring Edward G. Robinson: – – Edward G. Robinson, from what I heard was a very cool guy. He was highly educated, spoke seven languages, and was respected and loved by his community. “To last you need to be real.” Edward G. Robinson He also had an extensive art collection…