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October 13, 2013 /

The Mister at the San Gabriel Mission: Visitors to the Mission: From whence the vineyards of California came: As for the 1000th post… It’s just a number, but what it represents is our friendship and dialogue, and for that, treasured readers, thank you.

July 8, 2013 /
March 27, 2013 /

My friend responds to my post (FRIENDS | BEGUILING HOLLYWOOD) about growing up together: So you remember Jilly the Gerbil’s funeral! That was one of the first stories I told my kids about us too! I think we dressed up in our Sunday dress-up best because I distinctly remember dragging…

March 18, 2013 /

The founders: Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, and D.W. Griffith

January 17, 2013 /

Once upon a time I had a friend whose great-granny invested in little Tommy Edison’s electric company… That’s neither here nor there, but, in his time Edison’s became a multifaceted company and he ran an East Coast syndicate that extracted fees from filmmakers – the very thing that made Cecil…