Dim Sum Sunday at the San Gabriel Mission and 1,000 posts

The Mister at the San Gabriel Mission:

IMG_0412Visitors to the Mission:


From whence the vineyards of California came:

IMG_0427As for the 1000th post… It’s just a number, but what it represents is our friendship and dialogue, and for that, treasured readers, thank you.


  1. Heather in Arles

    I think that we are few who can understand what a one thousand post means and yet as per usual, you handle it with grace, a good word, not often understood.
    Merci pour tout,

  2. Happy 1000! Your blog is now a blog of a certain age and looking all the more fabulous! Can you believe it, I have never been to the San Gabriel Mission. I have been to the Mission Inn (My old playground in my late childhood… I know all the hidden places there.) and I have seen the parent Orange tree… but not the Mother of all grapevines. Happy 1000 again my dear… your blog is what gave birth to our friendship. The Mother Blog!

  3. gosh!

    happy ONE THOUSAND.

    that is delicious.

    (and we were Very Moved by the picture of your mama and other relatives – we *peered* into the screen with a “what were Their Lives Like?” sort of wonder. *sighs* Lovely).

  4. George Kaplan

    Dearest Ms Lester,
    I haven’t been well but I could no longer resist scattering a few (doubtless “fascinating”!) comments around and most of all to offer you congratulations on 1000 + posts!
    Well done, O Beguiling Queen of Hollywood. Your weblog, your witty, intelligent, inspired writing and your Wonderful Self are all a blessing… LONG MAY YOU REIGN, QUEEN VICKIE! HIP HIP HOORAY!
    Many Hugs and Much Admiration, George

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