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December 25, 2016 /

A.O. Scott of the New York Times makes a glowing Christmas pick: . In a second I’ll tell you why this particular film fills me with a sense of Christmas well being… It is near the close of the film, Christmas Eve, as the stage is set for the wonderful…

May 4, 2016 /
February 17, 2015 /

One forecast group expects the coldest third week of February on record in the eastern United States. Why is this happening? Partly, it goes back to last fall. In Siberia. “There was a big ramp-up of something we call the snowfall advance index during the month of October in Siberia,”…

August 10, 2014 /
August 2, 2014 /

Forgiveness, I blame the horrible pun on a tenacious headache. The Castle has a John Lautner guest house and Mr. Moby likes his architecture, hence a blog: Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog. And, the castle has a really nice view – when I was a kid I used to skirt…

May 27, 2014 /
December 17, 2013 /

E. M. Forster, in his 1927 book “Aspects of the Novel,” presented the concept of “round” versus “flat” characters. He generally preferred the former to the latter except when the purpose was to arouse feelings of “humour” or “appropriateness,” maintaining that flat characters, comprised of a single idea or “factor,”…

December 16, 2013 /
December 12, 2013 /
November 27, 2013 /