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September 11, 2014 /

Who danced and dined here? Just about everybody. A couple from the 1930’s: The room was redesigned in 1934 by Mary Jeffras: The crowd could have contained anyone… Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant…

September 11, 2014 /

From 1921 until 1989 the Ambassador Hotel was THE place to be in Hollywood. It housed dignitaries and stars and in-laws, and played hosts to weddings and the Academy Awards. It had a post office, a spa, a barbershop, restaurants, and of course – the famous Cocoanut Grove. It saw…

October 13, 2013 /

The Mister at the San Gabriel Mission: Visitors to the Mission: From whence the vineyards of California came: As for the 1000th post… It’s just a number, but what it represents is our friendship and dialogue, and for that, treasured readers, thank you.