Gone fishin’ reposts: Barbara Stanwyck – screen queen with a good right cross

barbara sBeautiful babies, recently I have been dubbed a wee bit bellicose (book stuff on the simmer), and I’ll take the rap, but I want you to know there will be some content to go along with the pictures this weekend – but until then just feast your eyes…


  1. George Kaplan

    Is it wrong to find that pic of the sainted Ms Stanwyck quite cute and sexy?! (and I don’t often use the word “sexy” and I hate boxing!) Look at her hair… Uh-huh. Never mind πŸ˜‰

    • I saw some ladies with the *do* you’re referring to up at the bakery this morning while I was buying scones and a walnut wheat loaf – they also had on lipstick, foundation, and smart little outfits. I had on sweats, and we won’t discuss my hair 😦

      • That *do* may be making a comeback, sorry to say. And you, Vickie, would look adorable going to the bakery in a burlap bag – let’s be honest. You’ve got it going on. πŸ˜‰

      • Bwahaha! You know, as a kid I was so fascinated by grown ladies and their makeup ritual – I seriously spent a lot of time thinking of what kind of dressing table I would have and the upholstery on the little seat where I would sit and apply my lipstick – and now a confession… I consider it a good day when I remember to put on mascara and I’m seriously contemplating doing a nice long post this weekend (which will drive away all my male readers) about perimenopause!

      • George Kaplan

        Who he? He me and I read this comment and had to reply. A post on perimenopause that will scare your male readers away? Pshaw, balderdash, and for shame! Have a little faith in us. It’s the 21 st Century, Ms Vickie πŸ™‚
        I agree with A Gripping Life, you’ve “got it going on”. Burlap sack, make up, or no. As for perimenopause, though we can’t experience all you go thru we do understand and we love you. No matter how you feel as you go through these changes, you are still and always will be *beautiful*. None of the difficult changes can alter that (and as for stormy moods, I have those and I can’t blame perimenopause). And that’s certainly true of you dear Vickie, no matter how dreary perimenopause may make you feel. You are Vickie Lester and you are a beautiful person and a beautiful woman always (even in your worst moods!)
        Eh, I should be abed and what I wrote may read as badly-expressed but I wanted to say it!

      • George Kaplan

        Oh nuts, I can’t sleep anyway (and the few hours are countin’ down) but the “we” in the above comment is “men” and the you is “women” except it’s also specifically you-Vickie! I’m a goof you may want to remove this explanatory note. Darn it my posts should come with Cliffs Notes πŸ˜‰
        George “Insomniac” Kaplan

  2. I think Barbara lives across the way from me! An older woman, with the blonde hair do sits at her dressing table with the twin lamps and the mirror in the middle wearing a white bath robe and a white hair band. It’s almost as though she is getting ready for the stage call!

    Love this carefree don’t mind if I punch you in the chops shot of Barbara. This is definitely the hair for her!

  3. Dear V
    I may have mentioned this before, but Babs stands guard over my (most) local public house.
    At “The Bountiful Cow” an enormous and original poster fro “Cattle Queen of Montana” looks out at all who dare to sample the wares.
    What a lady!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • I don’t know which is worse, The Bountiful Cow, or, The Queen of Montana? Now, if you told me they served milk based cocktails I’d really go off πŸ˜‰

      But back to the divine one, she was a lady!

      • Hahaha V
        Are we not one for the white stuff?
        I had a vegan friend once who would only refer to it as ‘bovine secretions’, which one has to admit doesn’t terribly appetizing.
        I can assure the ‘Bountiful’ serves scrummy steak based food and refers in a rather macabre way to the plty provided by these animals offering the ultimate sacrifice!
        With that cheery thought, sleep well…
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

      • Vickie,that vintage type exercise equipment has now a small vogue.I think the person is Scott Sonnon and he promotes Circular Training.He seems to be a remarkable person who has overcome a lot in his life to become amazingly fit.

      • I have seen quite a bit of it recently – a friend has begun displaying it in his living room – as installations, bunches of sculptural elements. And, harking back to my childhood I have to say, it’s cool!

      • Sometimes we say “to hell” with the calcium supplements and chug down the real deal – luscious – but, a glass of milk isn’t a glass of milk unless there’s a piece of cake involved… That’s where we run into trouble πŸ˜‰

  4. I think she is cute and sexy also George.Much more subtle though than the sort of sexy promoted today.Like it all the more for that.

    As far as I am concerned The Noble Art whilst it does require,skill fitness,courage etc is essentially about two very fit people risking brain damage and even death for money and before crowds who like to see people skillfully batter each other.

    Like the old fashioned exercise equipment though.Like to give those a try.

  5. aubrey

    It looks like one of those boxing gloves could throttle that tiny waist.

    Her hair is like an ocean, with those choppy waves.

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