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June 21, 2014 /

She was intelligent and not at all like the dumb blonds she so often depicted. She didn’t give a damn where the camera was placed, how she was made to look, or about being a star. She just played the scene — acted with, not at. She was also one…

April 28, 2014 /

First to Sylvia Sidney, for a short while: And then for the rest of his happy life to a cousin of Ginger Rogers’: Phyllis Fraser:

March 21, 2014 /
February 15, 2014 /

Babies, you know the drill. Click on the purple letters below. *** how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart. *** *** how to stay sane in a crazy world | by sophia stuart. ***

February 9, 2014 /

“Well?” she said not in her breathy movie voice but in her own natural and beautiful voice, a voice melodic with a hint of melancholy and on the edge of laughter. via THREE A.M. ~ Dior Homme by Christian Dior | SCENTS MEMORY.

February 7, 2014 /
January 21, 2014 /

As per the traditions of Hollywood, and my habit of turning conversations my way here’s the preface: Oh! Talk about me? Of course! Spoiled and sheltered, and can go Sicilian in an instant. On the other hand. There are people who restore, regenerate, thrive in self-invention, and don’t have a…

January 7, 2014 /

An Aid to Concentration | Read, Seen, Heard. I want to highlight this fabulous gentleman (not the guy pictured above) and one of my favorite sites — visual puns, beauty, history — he’s got it all. Kihm Winship lives, works, walks and writes in Skaneateles, N.Y. An unfocused generalist, his…

November 27, 2013 /