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February 11, 2013 /

I had a couple of emails asking for my cream puff recipe… This is the incomparable pastry chef, Paula Peck: This is her granddaughter’s site: Megan Peck Cooks | Recreating the Works of Grandmother Paula Peck– Megan is an accomplished cook in her own right and I have to say,…

February 9, 2013 /

A romantic rendezvous on Sunset Blvd. . . Profiterolles glacees au chocolat aka cream puffs with chocolate sauce are actually pretty easy to make. If anyone wants the recipe let me know and I’ll post it – it would be a “wow” to feed your sweetheart on Valentine’s.

February 9, 2013 /

At the Ambassador Hotel, February 16th, 1931: .

February 9, 2013 /

I don’t know what kind of nerd this makes me, but I was fascinated to find a cup of coffee cost five cents in 1932, and, if you wanted that coffee with cream and sugar it was called a “Boston” and it would cost you ten cents… By the way,…

February 5, 2013 /

We’ll do a little updating on this later in the day, something suitable for a wintery Valentine’s dinner, but for now, with love from Lucy: Note: I think “Accent” was MSG — unless you want a banging headache leave it out.

February 2, 2013 /

Listen, don’t ever put cream cheese in guacamole, it’s just gross.