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November 18, 2012 /

I had a friend who used to work in the 1980s for the Samuel Goldwyn Co. He lived in Beverly Hills in an apartment and he took the bus to work. He also liked to walk. Apparently that wasn’t fashionable at the time and on his excursions by foot he…

November 17, 2012 /

These publicity stills are supposed to portray stars whose lives were anything but typical – as American as apple pie. Ann Sheridan: These are 18 to 24 pound birds and, no doubt, these gals did not do the cooking. Joan Crawford:

November 11, 2012 /

Robert McGinnis is the artist who created the iconic, saucy, and highly suggestive, Bond posters: – Images of scantily clad women so offended the movie exhibitors in Ireland they yanked the art and overprinted the ladies – sticking them in crudely rendered high necked dresses. Now imagine these gals in…

November 11, 2012 /

In the mid-eighties up through the early nineties do you remember watching movies and wondering why it looked like the set was on fire? It was as if a huge miasma had rolled into the sound stages and diffused the hell out of everything. I don’t know why but cinematographers…

November 8, 2012 /
November 7, 2012 /

Okay, I’ll probably have to spend a couple of weeks in purgatory for this one — but, Cecil B. was… somewhat grandiose and cantankerous… especially with Edith Head. This is an early effort by Miss Head done while assisting costume designer, Travis Banton. The marshmallow dress from THE GOLDEN BED:…

October 28, 2012 /

You know, I think I’ve mentioned this guy before (why, look at that – I did:¬† ), but Busby Berkeley numbers ride the line between freaky, and fabulous. In rehearsal: – –

October 25, 2012 /

A real gun moll: If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I have some pretty close ties to Hollywood and I bet you can guess which way I’m going to vote. Both my parents were active in the Civil Rights Movement and they both appeared in public and in…

October 19, 2012 /

Okay my darlings, I too am sitting at a device that conveys words into world, drinking a cup of coffee… But I would say the element I lack in my yoga pants and husband’s T-shirt is glamour (and a Marcel Wave).

October 18, 2012 /

Hal Roach was the first to spot Jean Harlow’s comedic talents: Harlow (the real bathing beauty) is to the right of Charley Chase. Harlow was seventeen when she made “Double Whoopee”, a Hal Roach short, with Laurel and Hardy. Leo McCarey, who went on to become a preeminent director of…